Health Coverage of Carolina

We are a team of independent insurance brokers and advisors who work together to provide specialized health coverage options to individuals, families, and companies. We value integrity, education, compassion, and living by the golden rule.

Meet our team below!

Nick Nelson

Owner/founder of Health Coverage of Carolina

Nick is a family man focused on providing quality health coverage for his loved ones and yours. With 2 children of his own, aging parents, a spouse, and a growing business he understands the challenges of time management, organization, and choosing the right health coverage. That is why after his work in politics, he was the mayor of Clemmons, he decided to leave the campaign trail and work to make a bigger difference in the direct lives of the people around him. One relationship at a time Nick finds new ways to support individuals, families, and companies with the health coverage they need, leaving the heart ache at the door, and money in the bank.